Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a web-based application?

Answer: A Web-Based application is an application that users access using a web browser. It does not require any software to be installed on the users computer. SwimmingCentral is a web-based application permitting multiple coaches from the same team access to their data from anywhere; school, home, etc. The teams data is securely stored on the SwimmingCentral servers. SwimmingCentral supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Question: Both Athletes and Coaches can securely log into SwimmingCentral. What is the difference between those two different types of logons?

Answer: SwimmingCentral provides coaches the ability to effectively and efficiently manage their team. Coaches have the ability to create and edit the team schedule, meet lineups and enter and update meet performances. Athletes can also log into the application with their own individual username and passwords. However, athletes can not update any of the performances or meet lineups. Athletes are restricted to view only their own performances and lineup entries. Athletes also have access to the team schedule and the top performances on the team.

Question: How much does SwimmingCentral cost?

Answer: SwimmingCentral is registered per team per season. This fee includes access to the application for all coaches and athletes on the team. Free trials are available for first time users. View Pricing Information

Question: Does SwimmingCentral provide free customer support?

Answer: Yes! SwimmingCentral provides free email and phone support to all users. If you have any questions or problems using our application, we want to help. There are no separate support or maintenance fees for SwimmingCentral.

Question: Is SwimmingCentral secure?

Answer: Security is a top priority at SwimmingCentral. Coaches that log into the application have access to only their own teams data. An analogy to online banking application is helpful to understanding this technology. Banking customers commonly use secure user ids and passwords to access account information online. These user ids and passwords prevent other from access the customers accounts. SwimmingCentral is built using this same technology to prevent outsiders from accessing your teams data.

Question: Can SwimmingCentral be used to display the top performances in a conference throughout the season?

Answer: Yes! When multiple teams from the same conference join SwimmingCentral, the top performances from the conference can be displayed in a top performances list. This list will only be available to the coaches and athletes from that conference that choose to participate. Coaches can disable this feature if they do not wish to include their teams top performances in the list. For more information, contact Matt Sandberg at

Question: What is a report?

Answer: Reports represent the main output of the SwimmingCentral application. The data you enter into the application is compiled into meaningful output that is displayed or printed using reports. Reports are designed to help coaches effectively manage their teams and analyze and interpret the performances and progress of their athletes. Each report has selection criteria used to tailor the reports to the specific needs of the coach. Selection criteria can be used to determine the sorting, grouping and filtering of the data. For added flexibility, SwimmingCentral features two different report output formats; HTML and PDF. HTML Output is best used when displaying the report on your screen. PDF Output is best used when you wish save or print the report. See the reports demo for more information on reports.

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