Swimming Team Management Software

The Next Generation of Swimming Software

SwimmingCentral is team management software that allows middle school, high school, club and college coaches to effectively manage their Swim teams and analyze the performances and progress of their athletes.

SwimmingCentral is a secure web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone the coach permits, including assistant coaches, team managers and individual athletes.

SwimmingCentral builds on the five year success of TrackCentral.net, a track and field team management application used by hundreds of Track & Field and Cross Country coaches throughout North America and Europe.

SwimmingCentral.net is customized specifically for the sport of Swimming and Diving.


For a limited time, a free 30 day trial license to SwimmingCentral is available to first time users. Simply sign-up online by filling out our registration form. You'll receive your username and password via email, and then you'll be ready to login and begin using SwimmingCentral.

SwimmingCentral Advantages

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